Joe Kaldon . . .

. . . lives in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. I have resided here most of my life.  I work as a product manager for a steel company and I am a graduate of Penn State. I have always enjoyed writing, ranging from letters-to-the-editor to essays to poetry, and this web site is my latest effort. I have been fortunate that my work has received Honorable Mention in the Taproot Literary Review, and publication in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

A Manufactured Poem was borne of exasperation with our inability to stop the continual erosion of our manufacturing base, one of the primary sources of national wealth. The writing of the poem was initially sparked when I was out of work. One afternoon I was watching a panel discussion on C-SPAN that featured Newt Gingrich and Robert Reich discussing the usual nonsense about re-training workers for "jobs of the future". "We the people" must do a better job of holding our government accountable for its performance, and insist on products that are Made in the U.S.A. It's important to remember that the capitalist free market exists to serve us, not the other way around.