Pyramid Scheme Sales Pitch

Be from anywhere but here
Be like anyone but your parents
Don’t live in a house much too small
Or drive a car much too old.
Spend your evenings making the pitch,
Spend your money for your dreams.

After these half-dozen years
After college scattered our crew
You had a smile, a handshake, a drink
And concern for my well-being.
I was sure you were happy to see me
I felt like high school never stopped.
Last Friday, when I chanced upon you
I paused, then I remembered:
All the bike rides of summer days
On any street or field that invited.
The ball games we played and watched
With the strikeouts, the hits
And all the wins and the losses.
That neighborhood girl
She lived down the street
We both tried to impress
And we both mostly failed,
her pensive smile an enigma
for teenage boys.

But then you made your pitch
And I had to let it go by.
I wanted food, drink, laughter
I wanted to re-connect.
You saw networks with dollars,
And said nothing of baseball or girls.
I will be on my way
as I hold onto memories,
my practiced neutral expression
a mask over disappointment
for what never will be.