East Carson Street

We’re going out on the town tonight,
I need a drink, I’ll have an I.C. Light.
At the cafe we’ll play some pool,
I hope no one plays me for a fool.
Two dapper gentlemen across the way
Look around the room in quick survey.
Their shapely escorts are quite the lookers
But quite clearly, they are hookers.
Her chest in a halter-top pinched tight
And the fishnet stockings, a lovely sight!
Her delicate midriff is firm and bare,
Better for marketing her derriere.

Outside there’s eclectic urban air:
Piercings, tattoos, and color-spiked hair.
A favorite band is playing a show,
I like their new music, so let’s go!
On the way there’s snacks, a coffee shop
With mocha, ice cream, bagels, and pop.
At the concert, a rock-n-roll beat
In sync with the energy on the street.
It’s time now, for the last call
We’ve had tonight’s fill of alcohol.
Return to the car and head for home,
Saturday night’s a great time to roam.

It was a scene tonight
An experience
Plenty of I.C. Light.
The women, a sight,
Call sometime, one might?
Late meal at Eat’n Park,
Breakfast food after dark
It is late, I remark,
The city scene:
Always a lark!